Pavilion FAQ’s

Can I rent the Pavilion space only and/or bring my own catering?

No, We’re a full-service caterer providing all food and beverage. You may bring in cake and cookies. We’ll provide a cake/cookie and gift table when needed.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

Any outside alcohol is strictly prohibited.

Can I hold my wedding reception at the Pavilions?

Unfortunately, we do not hold weddings in our Pavilions. Our Wedding Packages are known for being elite and stand apart. They are something we cannot currently recreate at the Pavilions while maintaining the consistency of our brand.

What if it rains?

The Pavilions are large covered spaces. There would have to be driving wind with rain for you to get wet.

Is there heat at the Pavilions?

No, there is not. Portable heaters are not allowed due to fire code. If you’re planning an event at the Pavilions, please let your guests know it’s an outdoor event so they’ll dress accordingly.

Are there bathrooms at the pavilions?

Yes, There are fully functional bathrooms with running water; they are not porta potties. Men’s and Women’s bathrooms are a short walk from the Pavilions, they are also handicap accessible.

Is there parking for the Pavilions?

Yes, there is ample parking at the Pavilion level.

Do you provide games?

No, but you may bring in your own games such as corn hole, can jam, etc. We discourage horseshoes for safety reasons.

Can I bring a DJ/Band for my event?

Yes. There is electricity and a covered area for a DJ. Another option is to rent a PA system from La Bella Vista that includes a wireless microphone. Simply plug in your phone or mp3 device and groove to your playlist.

Is there Wi-Fi at the Pavilions?

The Wi-Fi signal is spotty so it’s best not to rely on it.

What about decorations?

We’ll provide an ivory banquet linen for the picnic tables and you provide the rest.
Balloons or tall centerpieces are not encouraged due to the breezy conditions at the Pavilions. Any décor items provided by you can be hung by string only. We do not allow confetti, staples, tape or nails for hanging decorations.

How far ahead can I set up for my Pavilion event?

You may arrive 1 hour prior to your party start time.

Will the food be out the whole time?

Your food will be served approximately 45 minutes after the beginning of the event and will be out for typically 1.5 – 2 hours.